Keeping Up the Chat by Linking to Posts

“A link is a connecting element or factor” (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary). Linking is another way to connect to other people through blogging.  Let’s learn how to create links on our blogs today!

  1. Open up a page that you want to link to on the internet (for today, go to the 7-sentence ideas story blog post of the person to your right).
  2. Open a new tab in your internet browser (Ctrl+T).
  3. Go to your blog page.
  4. Start a new post.
  5. In your post, type something like, “So-and-so has a great new blog entry on her site.  Check it out!”
  6. Highlight the key words:  “new blog entry” or “Check it out!”
  7. Click on the link icon on the toolbar.
  8. Go back to the page you want to link to.  Click in the address bar and highlight the entire address.  Then copy (Ctrl+C).
  9. In the link box, paste (Ctrl+V) the address into the box that is labeled “Link URL.”
  10. Under “Target,” click “Open link in a new window.”
  11. Click “Insert” and you have your link!

So, today’s assignment is to create a new post that is all about what someone else has written.

  1. Link to the ideas story post of the person who is sitting to your right.
  2. Write a 5-sentence (minimum) evaluation of their work.  Give your overall evaluation (how did he do?!).  Also include two specific examples of what he did great and one specific example of a way he could improve.
  3. Here’s an example of the kind of post you can do:  My friend, Christel, wrote a great post about Typhoon Fanapi on her blog the other day.   If I were grading her for ideas, I would give her a 5/5!  She described things very well.  For instance, she said, “Many trees limbs or whole trees have snapped, the reservoir near my house overflowed spilling water, sand, and mud onto the bridge that gets me into town (or to school or staff housing), and as the rain pounded at a perpendicular angle to the buildings, our homes and businesses were flooded with water.”  She also talked about the crazy rain and painted a very interesting picture with these words, “Each time I went out, I was drenched in a matter of seconds, so by the 5th or 6th time of having to go out, I just put my bathing suit on.  It would have been a sight to see had there been any visibility outside during the storm.”  One area she could have improved was when she was talking about the storm dying down.  It would have been nice to know how she felt when the winds changed.  She said, “By the evening, the winds had changed, and I was able to sleep without worrying about water flooding my home,” but she could have written more.  Overall, great work!
  4. When you are finished posting, go take a look at the blog of the person to your left to read what they’ve written about you!
  5. Spend your extra time commenting, posting a free-write, tagging posts, or reading your AR book.

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